The State of The Radio Industry

Recently, a number of postings on a respected Media discussion website, relating to Commercial, BBC and Community radio stations in the UK, pointed out bad management, GREED on the part of the station owners, and their appalling attitude to employees.  As well as the UK regulator OFCOM’s perverse decisions, and the restrictive practices of associated organisations as well as OFCOM.

What do you think, is its a case of one rule for the plebeians and another for the patricii?  Are the Media Operators as well as the regulator guilty of being the worst kind of hypocrites?

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The State of The Radio Industry — 2 Comments

  1. I started working professionally on commercial radio in 1979, and from my experience, it IS down to bad management, and greedy station owners. Additionally, most of these people who make these fundamentally flawed decisions have an appalling attitude to their employees… Sorry, Human Resource!

    And not only would OFCOM sanction airplay of a continuous ‘humming noise’, the radio companies would too. The current state of commercial radio in the UK would probably result in the “awards organisations” probably nominate the CEO responsible for an award, and probably beautification on the way to canonisation as well!