Moan, moan, moan!

Well, it’s what I do. And I was determined to be the second person at least to leave a post on this new blog. I’m Andrew John. I provide a weekly moan or rant in Bill Everatt’s Underground Edition and a weekly news digest in Fred Stacey’s programme.

What I hope to do on this blog is post my rant – a few days after it’s been incorporated into The Underground Edition – and you, dear reader, can comment to your heart’s content. The more controversial the better.

So look upon this first post (by me, that is) as a hello, and I’ll be here with comments on this and that, a bit of the other, on politicians and religious leaders (and the two often overlap – sickening, isn’t it?), idiots in the news and the occasional small furry marsupial (far better company than all the others).

Seeya later.

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About Andrew John

Andrew John is a writer, editor and broadcaster with Celtica, providing, among other things, a weekly moan on a topic in the news. He spends much of his life moaning and criticising, and is crap company at parties. But just humour him. He's not a bad bloke, really.

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