From the Last but One Century!

This photograph would have been taken around 1870, and is of my Great-Great Grandfather; Richard [taD’Cu] Roberts.

1870-1 D'Gu Roberts

He was the local Butcher, and from stories my Grandmother told me, he was something of a ‘difficult’ person to deal with!  The shotgun is his, and he was known to have let loose a few rounds in the general direction of anybody who annoyed him…  Even the dog knew better than to antagonise him too.  The only person he was truly frightened of was his daughter, my Great-Grandmother, who like him, and many of my family had red hair.

Check out that blood chilling stare.  I’m told there is a definite family resemblance, quite what is meant by that I dread to think…

‘D’Cu, lived until well into his nineties, and was extremely active, even up to his final days.

Profile – Little Eris

Ev & Little Eris over Eris!

Ev & Little Eris over Eris!

Broadcast on Wednesday February 3rd 2016… Click Here for the programme.

Interviewed at the Wells Hotel by Bill Everatt, the Welsh multimedia artist Little Eris has been on the scene since 2008 producing and performing electronic music. Based in Cardiff she’s been described as “South Wales’ homegrown electro pop miracle, a sparkling glitch fairy of the urban woods”. Little Eris releases music under her own record label Original Human records and, has also been included on multiple compilation albums.

Little Eris music, is available to buy on iTunes and Amazon and other online digital retailers. Visit where you’ll find news, music videos, links to free downloads etc and to quote Buzz Magazine; “You’ve got to love Little Eris – she’s the antithesis of reality TV music on every level, and therefore deserving of your full attention”.

Underground Edition – 23/01/2016

Join me if you can, live, every Friday at 8PM UK time for the Underground Edition. Tonight, I’ll be talking with Emily Firing from her home in Norway. Emily is a brilliant singer/ songwriter who has a voice similar to Bjork – but makes a completely different kind of music.

Tune in then… See you on the Ice!

Our 15th Birthday

So, here we are…  Fifteen years down the line, and still going strong.

When we first started broadcasting, many people, especially “Radio Professionals” in the broadcasting industry said with much conviction, that we would not last a month and that we were of no consequence anyway.

Obviously, they got that one wrong!  When that didn’t work, we were privately threatened with ruination of our broadcasting careers if we continued to publicly highlight the humiliating injustice that had been done to us, and continues to be done…

So to recap, here is how it all started…

After an extremely acrimonious franchise campaign, Bridge FM was awarded their license on November 4th 1999.  The first meeting of those who as a result, had been dispossessed and excluded from local radio in their our own area; [Comprising of nearly 90% of the on-air team of the successful and extremely popular trial broadcasts that convinced the authorities that Bridgend should have it’s very own radio station.]  was jointly chaired by Alistair Irving and Mike Lincez and took place at the offices of SYSNET in Bridgend on Friday the 5th of November.

Following on from that, the later inaugural meeting of Celtica Radio took place sometime in February 2000, with Jane Cullen appointed as Chair, and Dave Cook providing all of the start-up capital.  Celtica Radio commenced test broadcasts on the internet at 8PM June 21st 2000.

On April 23, 2011, we started broadcasting through the transmitters of Radio Hafren on 756 kHz Medium Wave.  This was as result of supporters of Celtica Radio taking ownership of the old Radio Maldwyn in Mid-Wales.  Our nighttime broadcasts through their transmitters progressed to simulcasting on FM at 102.1 MHz FM from, August 2014 until February 10th 2015 when Radio Hafren closed due to the adverse financial conditions.

As a result of broadcasting with Radio Hafren, Celtica Radio has proven that we can make and sustain our service under UK ILR conditions.

Over the last Fifteen years the following people have presented programs, and have been members of our station.  The dates next to their names indicate their first and last shows as of June 21st 2015;-

Mick Allen – 2003 to 2005
Gareth Anstee – 2000 to 2002
Rev. Wing Commander [Retired] Keith Berry-Davies – 2000 to present day, Chairman from 2004
Shaun Blacksabre – 2000 to 2004
Bill Bulloch  2011 to present day
Karl Burtonshaw – 2002 to 2010
Wing Commander [Retired] Dave Carrington – 2006 to present day
Geraldine Caulfield – 2002 to 2005
Lloyd Coles – 2002 to 2009
Dave Cook – 2000 to present day.  Founding Director
Jane Cullen – 2000 to 2004 Also Chair during those dates
Alun-Wyn Dafis  2011 to present day
Ian Davies – 2000 to 2001
Jonathan Davies  2011 to 2013
Pete Davies – 2002 to 2009
Matthew Day – 2004
Dave Easterbrook – 2005 to 2009
Steve Edge – 2003 to 2011
Bill Everatt – 2000 to present day
Steve Faldo – 2000 to 2002
John Grierson – 2005 to 2008
Glenda Jenkins – 2006 to 2009
Andrew John – 2003 to present day
John the Dentist – 2002 to 2003
KC Jones – 2003 to 2010
Nick Kay  2011 to present day
Jack Knowlson – 2011
Richie Lee – 2000 to 2003
James Lewis – 2003 to 2009
Steve Lloyd – 2002 to 2004
Trev Parsons – 2001 to 2002
Robbie Peterson – 2007 to 2009
Paul Rees – 2006
Ed Risby – 2000 to present day
Rizla the Tomcat – Sessions from 2002 until 2007
John Sambrook – 2006 & 2015 to present day
Scoop  2012 to present day
Fred Stacey – 2002 to present day
Syd the Nightfly – 2001
Jordan Thomas – 2004 to 2012
Shell Thomas – 2004 to 2006
Peter Timmerman  2011 to 2013 & 2015 to present day
Jonathan Vaughan – 2003 to 2005
Martyn Williams – 2000 to 2002 Original Webmaster
Paul Woods  2011 to present day

Celtica Radio would also like to acknowledge the grateful assistance or support from the following;-

Trish Bertram
Jane Bissett
Derek Booth
Caravan Music
Paul Child
Bridgend County Borough Council
Roger Clatworthy
Trevor Dann
Oliver Davies
DD Video
Steve & Ann Easterbrook
Steve Ekheart & Virus
Yvonne Ellerman
Liam Geoff
Radio Hafren
Ryan Helman
Janis Ian
Island Webservices
Right Hon. Carwyn Jones AM. Wales First Minister
Phil Jones of Welsh Rockband S.E.X.
JJ Kane
Emilija Kochic
Sappie Lingsma-Tienstra LLB
London Voiceover
Major Music
Maple Street Studios
Zoë McCulloch
John McNally from the Searchers
Media Tennor Magazine
The Metropolitan Police Authority of London
Gary Morgan
Network DVD
Thomas Pain
The Royal Air Force
Graham Schlater
Radio Seagull
Wing Commander Richard Read. OBE
Eddie Search
Rachel Stock
Wayne Stock
Tabatha Music
Tathan Magazine
Patrick Terrett
Liam Thom
Peter Twist
Alistair Tyne
UK Radio Magazine
Carolyn Risby
The United States Marine Corps
Urban Ego
John White
Kim Williams
Andre Van-Wyk
Wing Commander Rob Woods
Wrights Radio Relay

Our apologies if we have missed anyone out from these two lists, but fifteen years is a very long time and we’re all not as young as we used to be!  If you have been missed, please feel free to contact us.

From Andre Van-Wyk of Bridgend County Borough Council


It gives me great PRIDE (pun intended) to announce the next great Strictly Cinema event aimed at older people taking place at Maesteg Town Hall Wednesday 25 March sarting 11am ’till 3pm.

The first event was a huge success with over sixty people enjoying this unique formula for a social event including a cinema screening, tea dance and buffet all in one venue on one day.  Our next screening is the highly acclaimed British comedy based on a true story of a group of gay people that supported the miners strike in Wales.

Please follow this link for the event poster:

Please follow this link for a fun advert trailer:

Please help us by making sure this information gets into the hands of people that could benefit from being there.

Bookings need to be made in advance either by visiting the box office in Maesteg Indoor Market, phoning 01656 733700 or visiting

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Louise at Maesteg Town Hall.